My dear Sharilyn,
What a profound experience you allowed me to share! I felt your blessings and I cherish eveything that you healed with me. Hope to connect with you again soon…..
Love, Cynthia, Louisiana

Dearest Sharilyn,
Thank you for your beautiful assistance, your compassion and your loving heart. I look forward to more time with you and all that may bring.
Blessings and Love, Lorraine, Colorado

The power of Unconditional Love ensured that Sharilyn came into my life. She is the healer of healers – going there where many of us just can’t or won’t. But she will surely let you understand, if you do not yet, that she is willing and it is Unconditional Love doing all the Healing – The Love of God.

After returning from a 3 month mission in India, I was bed-ridden and in the worst pain of my life. After a session with Sharilyn via Skype from South Africa, which in itself is a revelation on so many levels, the session – not Skype:) – the healing wuickened and three days later I could walk pain-free down to the beach and back compared to a few days before when I struggled to reach the bathroom.

I am grateful that Sharilyn is in my life – it gives me a subconscious bravado to go on missions to places knowing that Love and Sharilyn will be there in my road to healing the Self on all levels.
Dehon Joubert, Pretoria, South Africa

What ever you did – I feel it vanished and beautiful healing light within me – some place around my abdomin. …. How kind and generous and my golly (as you would say) talented.
Megalove, Anonymous, Chicago, Illinois

I have been an intuitive healer for many years, and have spent a lot of time studying different healing modalities. But occasionally even the healer needs to be healed on. When this happens for me, I go to Sharilyn, who is one of the very best psychics and healers in the world, as far as I am concerned, and I have met a LOT of them. Sharilyn has helped me with things that the others couldn’t even tune into! She can find the cause of karma, and go into past lives, in order to sleuth down the cause of any problem that is stopping your personal evolution and ascension. She is excellent with karmic relationships, and is highly intuitive all the way around. She has even worked on several of my friends with excellent results. I highly recommend getting her help with whatever situation where you might need help. If it weren’t for her, I might not be alive now.
 Sue, Arkansas

My dear friend Sharilyn has a rather unique and valuable gift. The Ability to heal the past. Not just through spiritual karma, but also through genetic code defects. I’ve worked with and am friends with many psychics, and Sharilyn stands alone in her very own field of expertise.
A few years ago, soon after meeting Sharilyn, I being a friend of her mother’s, we became friends ourselves. Having her “work” on me was one of the most profound moments of my life. We went through a lot together that day. The process took several hours. Going through life after life, finding old pain and hurts, wounds left open to fester. From my spiritual past and from my genetic past, Sharilyn cleansed me. Talking to me the whole time. I experienced great physical changes, as well as mental. The three days following were rather strange. I dropped everything, lost my balance repeatedly. Each day being a little bit better, by day three, all physical symptoms were gone. A new way of thinking emerged. Much of what she said to me that day explained a lot of things in my life that I didn’t understand. My fear of water, my fear of having anything close to my throat, the fear of helplessness. All these fears are gone from my life today. My health has improved and my outlook for my future is greatly different. I found this “exercise” to be quite a jolt to my way of thinking. Most of the changes were effortless, some took a bit of remembering and work. But the effects are undeniable, for I live them everyday. Over the years, Sharilyn and I have managed to get together here and there. I continue to seek her help when I can, and cherish it always. Each time is a wonderful if not weird adventure.Rhoda Council, Texas

Whenever I am confused or need help, I call Sharilyn.  She is always there for me.
  Phyllis Poe, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Dear Sharilyn,
I waited to see what was going to happen and then send everything that had changed in my way of thinking and actions to health. It has taken a while I know but the changes were sneaky and I didn’t notice them..looking back and seeing how I was well…I was a mess! I might still be a mess in some ways but I am getting to understand why and fix those things as they come along.  My health has improved dramatically as has my outlook on getting better. I no longer have nightmares about Dad or being killed with a knife or even get visitations from the unknown that nags at me and gets me depressed. As a matter of fact, depression is gone, abet medication, but still not a sign of that “woe is me”…I don’t sleep long hours like I used to, I don’t need to. I’m rested with seven hours a night instead of 10 hours. I have changed my wardrobe slowly to find that I only need a few items to feel great in…. I must have tossed out ten large bags of clothes over the last few months. All too big or too small or just too crazy to even wear unless I was going to a costume party every day. Lo!… I finish projects and want to get at those that still need to be finished.

I feel loved without being the center of attention like I felt I needed before. I can stand and listen to what others are saying and just enjoy their company without talking incessantly… She unleashed from me reserved, scared, insecure… yes, all those that I hid by being flamboyant and talkative. I don’t wear all my rings at once now, only two and on some days, four. I am confident being me not someone else. I know that I am loved by my family and I don’t have to prove myself by being better. Thank goodness for that, because I never felt better, just insecure. There is really a lot more… Thank you very much for the cleansing, Sharilyn… Tears are forming in my eyes now from the love and warmth I feel at this time. She is a Wonder here on Earth. God gave her a Great Gift.  Suzanne, California
P.S. My Sex Life also improved beyond words.

Dear Sharilyn
I am happy to tell you that my daughter and grandsons are doing so very well. My daughter was formerly filled with rage. now she is even tempered and has started going to church. I view that as a new ability to be with people who are calmer.

I continue to be sore in my muscles but the anger in my chest is gone. I connect with Mother Nsture more every day. (Isn’t it a beautiful Fall.) My intuition is improving so much! I get feed-back that which is reassuring.

Thank you for the gift you shared with me. My life and the lives of my family are better for it
Linda Smith Arkansas