Odd Vision

May 17th. 11:25PM Odd vision. I was on a small wooden boat, similar to an old masted boat slightly larger than the Santa Maria. There were a few other people on the boat and we were an exploration boat anchored above a treasure or reported treasure. I was maybe 10-12 years old, dressed in a little dress from the 1950’s. I only saw one man on the deck and wondered where the others were who had been with us when we had departed on this voyage. I asked him, “Who is going to be diving down to find the treasure?”
“You are to dive.” He handed me a black tube and told me, “Hold this and don’t let go; it is your lifeline to get back to the boat.” It was an odd tube in that it was cut off at the bottom and had no apparatus attached for breathing. I thought it odd that it was black but I held the tube in my right hand and went down the ladder over the side of the boat into the water.
I let myself drift down. It became darker as I went lower but not pitch black. I went down 200 feet or so and came to the end of the tube yet I knew I had to go deeper to get to the bottom of the ocean. “Guess I better let go of my lifeline so I can find the treasure at the bottom of the ocean,” I thought.
I released my hold on the line and drifted down. The odd thing was that it had been dark where I was yet it became lighter the deeper I went.
At the bottom I discovered I was standing beside a white light equilateral pyramid that was about 2 feet high. It wasn’t glass yet it had form and was bright white light. A spiritual being in a robe (angel?) manifested on the other side of it.
“What is it?” I asked him. “I don’t usually like pyramids because of Egypt.”
He said, “Don’t worry it is good. If it blows its top will be a very good thing because once it blows its top open it can never be stopped and it will keep growing.”
A baby power pyramid? “When do you think it will explode the top?” I asked.
“No one knows.”
“How long have you been waiting for it to blow its top?”
“So it could be a couple more centuries before it blows its top, right?”
“Yes, it could.”
“I may as well go back to the ship,” I told him yet I stood there watching the pyramid. Moments later like a volcano, the top point exploded, ripping open and jagged white light energy shone straight up. Then bubbles formed on the middle of the outside wall closest to the man. The bubbles were 4”-5” round. They floated upwards. More smaller bubbles began pouring upward from the ground where the pyramid wall touched the sand. I could feel there was tremendous pressure from under the pyramid and it seemed like it was a sort of hot steam that was the light that rushed up.
I wondered if what we could see of the pyramid was actually just the tip and that the pyramid itself, hidden down under the sand, was enormous like the ones in Egypt.
I knew if I followed the bubbles, I would be right back at the ship. The vision ended with that thought.
Mom’s interpretation: The reason I didn’t need diving gear or oxygen was because I had grown strong enough spiritually that I could go into the deepest spiritual waters and be all right. The boat represented my desire and the desire of others to look for truth and I have been seeking it for centuries which is why the boat resembled one centuries old. I found the truth buried in the the deepest spiritual waters. These were bubbles of truth and anyone who found them would find spiritual truth. The light was the light that had been hidden but now could not be contained. People no longer have to gain the strength I have to find the truth because it will be there bubbling up and the light will shine up so it is easy to find.
The potential for the explosion of truth has been waiting to be awakened for centuries and its time is now. I got confirmation that this is about to happen or is happening now.
Humanity is blessed and I got to see it!