Karma, The Teacher, The Lesson Ending

Karma is a provider of lessons; it is intended to be a teacher. Karma is not punishment; karma is a vehicle to learn empathy (love.) There is good karma as well as there is bad karma. What we call bad karma causes us pain now.
Karma is, first and foremost, what you do unto others you will have done unto you – sometime, some place, somewhere. If the incident occurred in a past life, you will not recall the incident. Some people’s lives seem to be imbued with heaven luck that are actually earned benefits. Unfortunately if it was something you did against another person, you now moan and groan about how horrible and unfair it is that you now are experiencing some pain that is, in reality, the replay of pain you inflicted on others.

Whatever evokes in you the exact emotions of the person you victimize is precisely the experience you will get. Do you think the robber would steal if he knew that in the future he would come home and feel the violation of finding his possessions had been ripped to shreds by gang members? Do you think people would chose to destroy someone’s home for little or no reason (maybe religious reasons are one of these) so that in a future lifetime, they would know the shock of their house leveled by a tornado? Do you think a child molester would continue to rape a child if he knew in a lifetime to come he would face the anguish of sexual torture or be raised by a mother who constantly emasculated him? The pain you cause another, you will have to experience unless someone else intervenes and lives the emotion and releases it for you and your victim.

There are no accidents; there is karma. The actions we do, good or bad, are the consequences we receive in life until we choose to live in love.

Karma is also produced by emotional baggage. The causes of intense emotional pain are myriad. Intense emotional pain generated by a single incident, such as being tortured, and the thoughts thought, while in those incredibly intense emotional moments, can produce a belief system that it is sustained lifetime after lifetime, bringing you back to the pain over and over again. If it was physical torture, you may see the same symptoms reproduced in the physical body where the torture originally occurred. Since the pain is transferred into the DNA of our children, this genetic code defect may also show up in them with a propensity to broken limbs, arthritis or other ailments that simulate the torture as if it or its resulting symptoms are still going on today.

Karma Reduction
This is my forte; my true expertise as a healer; that is, entering the door of your past life in order to deal with the real cause of your painful symptoms. I take on the pain so you don’t have to nor does anyone else have to and I give it to God/Divinity; I touch your person of the past who endured the pain, joining with him or her so that we are one. In that state I now have the problem. Thus I relive the pain, identify it and then turn it over to God for it to be transmuted. The cycle of pain, that piece of karma, is over.

Obviously this is my most intensive work and lasts 2-4 hours, rarely more. It is time consuming because I have to work on the others who were witnesses or  participants as they hold a piece of your emotional pain; thus until they are free, you will return to the emotional pain. I usually begin with clearing the emotional body from pain held in this lifetime and then go into the past life events. Sometimes I am immediately thrown into the past.  While transmuting the past negative emotional stickiness, I also request that the pain be stripped from all your descendants that you have ever had in any lifetime for the past to now. The white light of unconditional Divine Love dissolves the connection and erases it as if it never was.

Medical Disclaimer