In 1971 while I was dying, I made a contract that if Jesus the Christ would intervene and save my life, I would become His handmaiden and serve Him the rest of my life. My first spirit guide was my master, Jesus the Christ, who brought many astral doctors and angels with him. His disciples Peter and Thomas often came unbidden to comfort, teach or heal me. In 1981 I was praying for truth and an angel imbued me with a spiritual fire that gave me the ability to see visions any time I sought truth about anything. Calling on Christ’s power, I did many exorcisms.
In mid -1993 Mary, Mother of Jesus, appeared outside my bedroom window. She simply stood there smiling at me. For the next two years she remained constantly on the property where I lived. Although only I saw her, many saw her light or saw her face in the pattern of the leaves in a tree. My angelic encounters increased and I began laying on of hands.
However others kept telling me I needed the help of the Archangel Michael so in the 1994 I began calling in Michael for help. He never showed up. Instead I began to hear the name “Raphael” reverberate in my head whenever I thought of Michael. Mother laughed at me when I complained the name “Raphael” sounded like thunder in my head and Michael was ignoring me. She suggested I invite the Archangel Raphael into my life. Within a week I saw a gathering of hundreds of angels, twelve of whom formed a single line in front of me. All the angels looked up and I noticed a bright light appeared streaking through the night sky getting larger as it drew nearer. It flashed into my presence at the end of the line of 12 angels, it materialized into a tall brown-haired male angel with a twinkle in his eye. Raphael, the Archangel of healing, and I became a working team. At the time I did not know he was also the angel who does Mary’s bidding.
In 1995 through my yearning to serve God and to stop the suffering of everyone, I birthed a gold spider whose web entrapped negative energy and from whose very presence many negative life forces run. In all these years I have never seen her lose a confrontation or back down from anything I ask her to help me get rid of.
During my honeymoon in Mexico in 1996, I sat on a lower level of the Pyramid of the Sun meditating for healing of my ancient Egyptian mistakes and Quetzalcoatl came to me. Worried I asked Jesus for help and He joined Quetzacoatl. Together they thrust a multi-gemmed jewel into my thymus gland. After that I found the rainbow light to be a powerful healing energy. Quetzalcoatl stayed with me on and off for months and is with me when I work.
Four years into my marriage, I was taking things very personally and was unhappy. I prayed for harmony in my home and a healing of my dear sweet John and myself and for our marriage. An artist friend gave my husband a beautiful bronze statue of Lord Ganesh. I knew nothing of Ganesh but admired the workmanship of the piece. The following year we were traveling through Galveston, Texas and stopped at a luxury hotel just to see it. I walked into a corridor and there stood a large gray statue of Lord Ganesh. I thought I saw him turn his huge elephant head so he could see me and he smiled as though he knew a joke I didn’t know. Three times he turned his head and seemed to be laughing at me. After that I looked him up on the internet and was startled to find Ganesh was the Hindu god of harmony. Slowly John and I healed and harmony became steady in our home.
Over the years I have called in Archangels, Seraphim and Cherabim. The Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Michael and Phanael and others began to help me. I would know another archangel was present for either I or the person I was helping smelled a fragrance, such lilac, (Phanael, Archangel of miracles and blessings) which was that angel’s distinct essence.
Recently I added the Arcturians, the Kundalini Serpent, and some spiritual animals to my list of helpers. As my daughter, Dolly, says, “You can’t have too many friends.”
All of the above and more are present when I work. These are my “guides” and Jesus the Christ is my master.

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