Frequently Answered Questions

What is a healer?
A healer is a facilitator of the unconditional love of the Source of All Life. It is the light of unconditional love that transmutes, clears up, removes anything that is not love.

What is a clairvoyant?
Each of us is a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body. Therefore we, as spirit, are all inter-connected at a deep level. We are all capable of being in tune with each other’s energy. Everyone is intuitive and everyone has moments when he or she just “knows” something others are not aware of. As a clairvoyant I have developed those intuitive capabilities more fully than most so that I can see what is going on within you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. With my knowledge, I can guide you through the process of being more aware of your inner self. I can see stuck emotional energies within your body be they your pain or your ancestors.

What happens in a session?
First I ask questions to discover what you desire help with and what physical or emotional challenges you may have. I call down Divine love for both of us and then immediately begin viewing clairvoyantly your body – I can see where the negative energies are because, to me, they are black. If you have come for Emotional Body Clearing, I will work on both you and your ancestors stuck pain. However if you have come for Akashic Record healingÔ, I will not be including the ancestor clearing. Either way I begin by clearing the upper lungs, mid lungs and then bottom of the lungs and continue to clear, one organ, one endocrine at a time in the torso. When I see any negative energy, I mentally touch it and join with the pain. I know how it feels I send it to Divine Love … The white light of Unconditional Love clears up, removes, or transmutes anything that is not Love. By identifying and removing negative energy, you can free yourself from what’s holding you back from peace and abundant flow of life. If you have come for Akashic Record healingÔ, I then proceed into a past life and relive it the events for you. That’s how I find out when you experienced it and how I identify the problems and turn them over to Divinity to be healed, transmuted, cleared up.

Do I need more than one session?
Each person’s needs are different so one session may not be enough. The process of healing often is like peeling an onion as layer upon layer of pain is exposed. You must be your own judge of the benefits gained. My intent is not to become your crutch but to open the door for you to live a life of personal satisfaction, happiness and spiritual progress. The first session will clear things from your emotional body and other times or from ancestors. Further work will root out past life trauma and warm the heart where fear has closed it off. My ultimate goal is to awaken your own capabilities and so that you no longer need me or any other healer.

How much does a session cost?
A session in person or on the phone is
– a half-hour $75 for an endocrine cleanse. I focus on clearing stuck emotional trauma energies in the endocrine system.
– an hour $150 emotional body healing of all organs, endocrines and muscles and whatever else we can cram in the time. This work clears stuck emotional pain in you and inherited from your ancestors.
– 2 hours plus $200 for Akashic Record healingÔ Please expect this session may run over – for which I gratefully accept donations – however not necessary. I begin with emotional body clearing from this lifetime and then proceed to past life trauma where the cause of your problem is.
– 45 minutes $100 for vision work or
– a half-hour $75 for vision work
Sometimes a person who has come to me, wants an answer to a quandary. For example, what will happen if she break up with this person? I then ask the question and see a vision and then I ask the opposite question, What will happen if she stays with this person? The visions bring clarity for me to explain what the interpretation means. I can ask several questions about the problem and then give advice based on the knowledge that 44 years of visions has brought me. I can send an email interpretation if this work is done long distance.

Can you work long distance without me being present?
I can work do with or without your physical presence, on the phone and long distance. Distance is not a barrier to energy healing. We are all part of the One Source of All Life. It is a privilege to have your presence with me when I work but it is not even necessary for you to be on the phone for me to help you. Prayers do that all the time and you need not even know the name of someone who, through prayer, helped shift your life in a positive direction.

Do you do exorcisms or remove curses? Isn’t this scary?
I am utterly fearless because I am not the light that heals yet I, like you, am part of the light; I just call down the light or order the entity up to the light of God’s love. I have been a master exorcist for three decades – I see the dark entities. If you are being tormented, I can lay hands on you and feel where the negative entities are. As for curses please see my page on Curses. They are nothing more than ideas held strongly. So are vows. To me curses and vows are just “old news”, silly thoughts.

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