Extended Biography

I was born into a centuries-long unbroken line of healers, mystics, seers, clairvoyants and spiritual seekers. I was born to be “Healing Spirit.”
My earliest memories of my spiritual journey began when I was three. On Easter morning my Mother took me to church. I was so excited because I had been told the preacher was going to talk about God but once the service began, I was perplexed because his words didn’t sound much like instructions that God wanted me to learn. As we were leaving, I asked my mother, “Is this was God’s house?”
She said, “Yes, it is one of God’s houses. He has many houses everywhere.”
Her answer opened my consciousness to find joy and reverence in every faith that worships the Creator by whatever name in every religious tradition – in a Catholic cathedral, a Native American sweat lodge, a quiet gathering in a private residence, a synagogue, every place of worship – all are God’s houses.
When I was four, my brother was in the hospital in a coma and I was lonely a family of bears moved into our home. No one else saw my bear friends and Papa Bear advised me not to tell the adults. Then visions and visitations by astral friends began at eight. The visions confused and frightened me even though, at times, they were highly entertaining. At twelve I saw my first angels, two guard angels who flew beside me protecting me from potential death. In later years they returned two more times when I was in danger.
During the second year of my first marriage, my husband began to smoke marijuana. He insisted that our marriage problems would end if I smoked pot with him. With great misgiving, I joined him on Saturday nights during the last six months of our marriage. Psychic centers in my brain were blown open; my visions accelerated along with my psychic abilities. Picture images of living things became alive when I looked at them. People I would see in public changed as I looked at them, their clothing and body melting into a past life dress, hairstyle and demeanor. Sometimes I would even see a past life scene – where they had resided. Men dressed as Roman soldiers clanged when they walked by me because the metal studs at the base of their leather skirts touched their swords that hung at their sides.
Then our year old son died. I left Jim and the drug scene and fled to my mother in America. I was dying, more on the other side of life than on this side. Angels, nuns and ordinary astral people crowded around me. Demons and angels fought three holy wars over my body. I discovered that my father had been a black magician since I was twelve. I made a trade; I would be the handmaiden of Jesus the Christ for the rest of my life if He would save my life. At the end of the third battle, a blue neon light glowed over my head that read, “The hand of the Lord Jesus Christ is upon you.”
September 27th, 1971 I was operated on by seven spirit doctors whom Jesus personally led into the room wherein I sat. My head audibly snapped and cracked as they ripped out black wiring and rewired my brain with gold wires. Once they were done, I saw the dining room vanish and transform into a large, stone room from ancient Egypt. Three people, a Pharaoh of the first dynasty, the high Priest and the adult daughter of the Pharaoh filed in to witness a baby die. When I wondered who the woman was, instantly I was her with all her rage – for this was her son. In that horrific moment, I was initiated for the second time in two weeks into what it is to read the Akashic records. The event was as real as though it were happening right now.
To read the Akashic records joining with the person and being in the living the movie of the past, emotionally experiencing all the intense emotions of that person, happy, sad, angry, whatever. We are one the person and me. Reliving the pain is an excellent methodology for gathering information so that the real problem is identified. Then it can be turned it over to God for transmutation, clearing and removal.
This profound gift of reading the Akashic records has increased beyond anything I had thought possible. I relive a specific emotion and then ask God to pull it out of the your DNA and also out of every descendant whom you have ever had in any lifetime, including today. Also during the course of working with your Akashic record, I ask curses to be transmuted and flipped into blessings, relationship patterns balanced, spiritual blocks removed, along with transmuting whatever is the cause of what you asked me to work on. Thus you are back in the flow of the abundant Universe and it is up to you to accept the new opportunities that open up.
Bill Finch taught me a pendulum analysis course and opened up my mind to dowsing. He did exorcism with use of the pendulum and orange light.
In the 1972-76 I took courses on hypnoanalysis from Dr. Bryan of the American Institute of Hypnosis and Frank Monaghan who introduced hypnoanalysis as a university taught course at Texas A&M University.
Although I am mostly God trained, the greatest metaphysical teachers I will ever be privileged to know were, my stepfather, Paul Hansen, and my mother, Genice Hansen, who still guides me.
In June 2010 the UN Ambassador for the Congress of Native American Indians, Autumn Breeze, gave me the name, “Healing Spirit.”
All healing comes from God’s unconditional love and with reconnecting with the Source of All Life. I identify the problem, turn it over to Divinity and witness the Divine healing. I am simply a vessel for Divine Love to flow through – so are you.