Each Chakra is responsive to its corresponding Divine vibratory energy and brings that energy into the physical and emotional body. These energies support the life of the physical vehicle and maintain the balance of the personality. When the chakras are clear of emotional trauma, you respond to life with optimism and gratitude. Blockages in the chakras usually happen when you have experienced verbal, emotional, sexual, or physical violence.

Your ancestors can also have left enormous blockages in your cellular memory and In your DNA that cause blocks, especially in the pineal gland and thyroid. Ancestral pain in the pineal gland stifles the flow of truth and the expression of your natural spiritual gifts. Left uncleared in the thyroid gland, I have found people develop thyroid conditions that are unresponsive to medical treatment and pharmaceutical aides.

When the blockages of emotional trauma, ancient or recent, are removed and the energies flow harmoniously with Universal Love, you respond to life with a calm mind, a happy optimistic attitude and a healthy body.

Medical Disclaimer