Angel Blog

April 22nd Tuesday I went to bed late and settle down about 12:30AM. I couldn’t sleep. About 1 AM I was alert to the living room. In my mind I looked down into the living room. It was as though I were in the room sort of near the ceiling. A giant angel in a baby blue colored robe came into through the closed front entrance. He was enormous. He strode into the room and looked about. When he saw the sofa he made a decision to sit there and strode over to the middle of the sofa and plopped down. His wings seemed to bother him as he was too crowded on the sofa for his big body.frame. He couldn’t stretch them all the way our as they touched the walls so he wiggled them and finally tucked them tight against his back and sat there.
By now I was “standing” just in front of the entrance to the living room from the dining room. The giant angel looked about the room and suddenly noticed something that I could not see because the lily plant that I had placed on the table there was hiding whatever it was that he was delighted to find. And whatever it was seemed to be round balls of something that he grabbed in his right hand and shoved into his mouth and hungrily chewed on it. There seemed to more of these balls of whatever they were that he kept picking up and eating them. His behavior to me was bizarre. I leaned over to see what he was eating and could see nothing at all yet he kept on grabbing up invisible balls.
I was very confused and concerned that maybe some entity was deceiving me and pretending to be an angel. After all he was so masculine and his robe likewise was unusual in that I had never seen a robe fit an angel with such obvious masculine style so I asked him, “Are you an angel? You don’t act like an angel.”
He stopped chewing and stared at me as though considering my question. His robe at the side of his body turned baby pink and the pink grew and melted back to remain in the side. Between the baby blue and baby pink a gold yellow color appeared. Then he turned his attention back to eating the balls of energy.
That is when I recalled that he was sitting where someone always sat during meditation and that the stuff he was devouring was the energy and intention of our work during the meditation work that we had done. I calmed down realizing I was clueless but he was a power angel regardless how odd he appeared based on my previous experience with angels.
Surprisingly the room was as bright as sunlight but it was not white light or even gold light but mainly pale blue light and baby pink light shot with yellow gold light that made the brightness.
Although he had entered alone, part way through his meal, four angels rushed in and they were normal size yet dressed in similar pale blue robes – similar in that on them the robes looked normal fitting for an angel. These four angels acted like sentries. Two of them stood on either side of the door way and stared intently outside while two others faced inside and were incredibly serious almost to the point of belligerant. However there was nothing to protect inside my house and they seemed surprised and immediately calmed down and just hung out. A few more 3 or 4 angels joined those inside my house. None of them entered the actual living room but rather stayed by the side chair and in between the front door and John’s drafting table.
When the power angel finally had his fill, he thumped back into the sofa relaxed and pleased and let out a loud burp. My long experience with angels made me alert to something that would proceed, you see, any sound an angel makes is from a Divine basis and is the signal that some form of Divine power has just been released.
The other angels in the room turned and looked out the front door; whereupon I shifted my attention to outside the front door.
I was astonished to see that a vast corridor of angels and light had appeared in the dark night sky. The corridor of angels was as wide as the neighbor across the street’s house was and rose above their home by only 20 feet or so. The corridor stretched so far into the sky that the end, which was not the end, was about 4 inches wide far far away. I was astonished to see not ten thousand, not a hundred thousand but easily a million or two of angelic force all in pale blue robes with the baby pink on the sides. The light emanating around them was identical to the colored light in my living room. All of the angels seemed so excited and happy, like they were at a big party for a special reason the reason for their excitement, of course, deluded me.
Angels were now also standing on the land out side of the house but only within the demarcation line of the sides of the house that defined the living room space. There were no angels on the road, in the neighbor’s house or any other place in my home.
Again I mind beamed the power angel, “Why are you here? What is your specialty? Do you have a message for me?”
The angel leaned forward with his right forearm leaning on his right knee. His eyes were focused intently and he answered with firmness, “You must draw. You must paint. You must do art. You must draw. Paint, draw.”
I asked him, “What? What do you want me to draw?”
With intense exasperation just short of shouting at me, he replied, “ANYTHING! Paint anything! Draw anything! Art!” Verbose this angel was not.
I rushed to wake up John and tell him about the power angel in the living room. I was so excited and wide awake. Only John was not asleep. He had just awakened from a “magical” dream that he couldn ‘t recall. I told him about how bright the light in the living room was.
As odd as it may seem to others, I really wished the angel would let me sleep.
It was now 1:20 AM and I left John so he could go back to sleep. I went down stairs and gathered up my art supplies and put them on the dining room table. I hoped that the angel would let me go to sleep if I showed an interest but instead I found I wanted to work on something. I knew my body needed to sleep and was worried that my heart would complain but I worked for 45 minutes or so and got tired. The big angel had moved to the other end of the sofa while I worked.
Finally I went to bed.
I called Mother in the morning and asked her what the significance might be of the colors of his robe and the light that glowed of the same colors. Mother said, “Remember how I have told you that the pale blue, what you call baby blue, is Gods consciousness and the baby pink is Divine Love for you. “
“But why was there yellow gold light in the area between the two colors?”
She chuckled. “That is the color of Divine energy, the energy behind the consciousness and love.”
The next day my laser printer wouldn’t print, my computer wouldn’t get online and my Lexmark printer, that was my special art work printer, printed out blank pages. I’m a copy artist so I needed the printers, one of them to function. I fooled away the day.