Curse Removal

In the book The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz says when we think negative about ourselves or others, we are all black magicians. These judgmental, jealous, angry, or otherwise hurtful thoughts he calls “poison.” From my experience this mental poison backed by intense emotional charge produces a curse. When in a fit of anger, you think or say, “You always fail at everything,” or “You never do anything right,” you are effectively cursing that person, and the person that you are cursing might be yourself.

A curse is an action that awaits being triggered by the exact conditions needed for the negative results desired for you or someone else by another or many other human beings; in other words a curse is like a virus that is attached to your DNA waiting for the perfect conditions to awaken it from its dormant state. The perfect conditions may be a job that would bring you both financial success and personal satisfaction. When you get that job, things begin to fall apart…your personal life becomes so miserable that you eventually lose your job. Then life quiets down again and things become good. Ten years pass and another wonderful job is yours and the pattern starts all over again as the curse enlivens once more.

In the ancient past there were people who chose to become black magicians. These individuals deliberately placed great energy on well thought-out curses. This is Hollywood’s idea of how you get a curse. Yet initially you, no one else, had to have believed you were cursed because of something you did or did not do. However since there was no curse on you, this effectively became a law telling the Universe to respond by creating scenarios whereby you have unfortunate incidents and blocks to having an abundant life. Eventually, maybe 10 years later, someone will get angry at you and curse you and the cycle of pain begins.

Regardless of when or how curses were placed on you or your ancestors, these thoughts, (that is all a curse is, a thought backed by strong emotions) may still be effect today. The Light of God’s Love removes these stuck ideas as easily as it removes everything else that is not Love.

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