With over 45 years of experiential knowledge, I am an unusually versatile healer and a woman of great wisdom. I facilitate angelic intervention, open the flow of Divine Love and join with you so that I am one with your pain, fears, anger, sadness, grief, feelings of inadequacy, etc.; I feel your pain no matter how deeply buried in self-denial. By living the pain for you, I can identify exactly what thoughts produced the emotional reaction and then I request Divine help to remove the emotional reaction and heal the mind. Not only do I help you, I also ask that all your descendants also be healed of whatever pain they may have inherited that is stuck in your DNA. In this way I pull up of the tree of karma by the roots.

I am a master of Akashic Record healing, intuitive emotional body healing, exorcism and vision interpretation. I can see the chakras, interior body organs, bones and endocrine system. I see emotional pain as black dark energy so I can tell when the blockages are gone because it disappears into the white light of unconditional love.

Whatever it is I see as the cause of your real problem, I turn that problem over to Divinity/God. I call in many helpers and guides always stating that I am trusting Divinity/God to heal you, for it is the white light of God’s unconditional love that transmutes, clears up and removes anything that is not love.

Let me help you transmute pain, remove blocks to your spiritual growth and restore you to being in the abundant flow of the Universe.


To alleviate suffering for humanity, one person, one family, one group at a time, and to help each individual remember there is nothing anyone can do, say, think or be that would ever separate him or her from the unconditional love of Divinity/God. To provide healing opportunities for adults and children suffering from personal and ancestral (genetic code defects) pain, emotional body energy blocks, and past life trauma thus ending the cycle of pain which causes spiritual/mental/emotional/physical problems.

To be a guardian for all on my home and within my family. To help others remember we are all one from the One Source of All Life, that Divine love is ever present, unconditional and everlasting and that all souls are within God and God is within all souls. There is no separation from the One Source of All Life.